On-line Seminars for September 11th Aid - Topics

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On-line Seminar Topics

Here are the seminars that were presented to aid the victims of September 11th.

Extreme Programming

  • Extreme Programming for Programmers (Ron Jeffries)
  • Extreme Programming for Managers and Customers (Ron Jeffries)
  • Transitioning a Team to XP (James Grenning)

Project Management

  • Release Criteria: Defining and Using Release Criteria (Johanna Rothman)
  • Management 101: Making the Transition to Management (Johanna Rothman)
  • Advanced Project Management Topics (Johanna Rothman)
  • Project Management Free-for-All (Payson Hall)
  • Project Management for Distributed Software Teams (Larry O'Brien)

Programming General

  • Introduction to Pragmatic Programming (Andy Hunt / David Thomas)
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming -- Are Aspects As Important As Objects? (Larry O'Brien)


  • User Requirements Modeling (Ellen Gottesdiener)
  • Requirements by Collaboration: Workshops for Defining User Needs (Ellen Gottesdiener)

Development and Design

  • A Conversation about Agile Modeling (Scott Ambler) -
  • Test First Design (James Greening)
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design - Q/A (Allen Holub, Steven Dewhurst)
  • The Unified Modeling Language (UML) (Sinan Si Alhir) -
  • The Unified Process (UP) (Sinan Si Alhir)
  • SEI's Capability Maturity Models Q/A (Suz Garcia)
  • Design Patterns Q/A (Mark Grand)


  • Test Automation: Getting Started (Bret Pettichord)
  • Introduction to Software Testing Q/A (Tim Van Tongeren)


  • Internet Security (Eddie Harari)
  • TCP/IP Networking Q/A (Ken Pugh)


  • Ruby Q/A (Andy Hunt / David Thomas)


  • .NET Development (Tony Mayfield)


  • XML Schema (David Cleary)
  • XML General (Scott Means)


  • C# Q/A(Stanley Lippman)


  • Perl Q/A (John Strickler)


  • Introduction to C Programming Standards (Andrew Lazarus)


  • Advanced Topics is OO & C++ (Jim Coplien)
  • C++ - Basic Q/A (Chuck Allison, Stephen Dewhurst)
  • C++ Intermediate Q/A (Chuck Allison, Stephen Dewhurst)
  • C++ - Advanced Q/A (Chuck Allison, Stephen Dewhurst)

Unix / Linux

  • Unix for Users Q/A (John Strickler, Ken Pugh)
  • Unix for Programmers Q/A (John Strickler, Ken Pugh)


  • Do we need checked exceptions in Java? (Bruce Eckel)
  • Java - Basic Q/A (Chuck Allison, Ken Pugh)
  • Java - Intermediate Q/A (Chuck Allison, Ken Pugh)
  • Java - Advanced Q/A (Ken Pugh)

Visual C++

  • Visual C++ Q/A (Ken Pugh)