Thirteenth Week 

A network of professionals in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina who are giving back to their community. 

September 11 Fund Follow up: Click here for details

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Thirteenth Week

To help serve the non-profit community in North Carolina with a unique new funding program, several professionals in the Research Triangle area have joined together to launch the effort to benefit charitable and cultural organizations.

For one week each quarter, participating professionals will provide the labor portion of their services to for-profit clients in return for a dollar-equivalent donation to a charitable or cultural organization which the client may choose.

Examples of non-profit organizations include The United Way and its September 11th Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Duke Children's Classic, Jimmy V Fund, SPCA and thousands of other charitable or cultural organizations which are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as non-profit organizations. Here is a search page to locate non-profit organizations.

Thirteenth Week partners also provide services directly to non-profit organizations without fee.

To learn more about how to offer your professional services or how to request a service in exchange for your cash contribution to a non-profit organization, click on the site navigation headings at the left.